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7 (499) 391-36-21

(без выходных )

7 (903) 170-51-20

(8.00 - 21.00 )

7 (499) 940-82-33

Тел./факс (11.00-19.00)

Москва, ул. Куусинена, д.25 (метро Сокол)

Выходные: суббота, воскресенье


The company "SportMedServis M" has been working in the professional sports supply market since 2002. The company's activities are aimed at the uninterrupted supply of sports teams, federations, Olympic reserve schools and athletes with specialized nutrition, dietary supplements, and sports medicine products. Constant consultations and close contact with the best sports doctors of the country allow us to offer our customers new effective products and techniques for hanging efficiency, endurance and speeding up the process of restoring athletes. 

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ООО "СпортМедСервис М»    Телефоны 7 (499) 391-36-21 (без выходных)      7 (903) 170-51-20 (8.00 - 21.00 )      7 (499) 940-82-33   Тел./факс (11.00-19.00)



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